When it comes to interiors, minimalism has had its moment. In 2022, it’s going to be all about the maximalists. To understand maximalism is easy – more is more. Maximalist interiors have burst onto the scene in recent months, but how do you evoke this interior style without it looking like a yard sale? The key is striking the right balance between textures, colors, and prints, and making these elements feel personal rather than forced. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do just that.

What is Maximalism?

Is 2022 the Year of Maximalist Interiors

Palazzo Fendi VIP Apartment Rome by Dimore Studio

Maximalism doesn’t have a strict definition, but it focuses on three core elements: pattern, color, and texture. There aren’t any rules, since this decor style centers around self-expression and adding joy and fun to interiors. Consider richly colored, patterned wallpaper across every wall, plush carpets or intricately designed floor tiles, and boldly painted furniture. With maximalism, you’re free to choose the pieces that really put a smile on your clients’ faces, rather than paring them down.

However, interiors expert Frieda Gormley, of the maximalist-focused brand House of Hackney, would argue against the notion that it’s merely about packing homes with lots of items. Instead, she believes that the adage of pioneering textile designer, William Morris, should be your focus: “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”. This is to say, choosing items that add joy and richness to a home should be the goal.

Maximalist homes are filled with little treasures, curios, and mementos, coupled with lots of vibrant colors and patterns. Think pairing floral wallpapers with animal print cushions or vintage furniture with abstract art. It’s all about layering pieces and textures for a room that tells a story.

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